The 75th Anniversary of the Wang Theater
The Walter Suskind Story

A retrospective on the 75th anniversary of the Wang Theater, as told through the voices of the Bostonians who shared the experience.

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A feature-length documentary about an unsung Hero of the Holocaust in Holland who coordinated the rescue of almost 1,000 children.

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory
A 50TH Anniversary Celebration
The Boston Conservatory Program for Students
Autism Spectrum Disorder

A history of America’s pre-eminent post-war research and design facility whose products have changed the way we live.

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A work in progress, documenting a ground-breaking program at the Boston Conservatory that is giving young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder a voice, a career path and a place in society.

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Donald C. MacLellan
Assistant Director Emeritus, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

"The video narrative created by Tim Morse- “MIT Lincoln Laboratory-A 50th Anniversary Celebration”- was a highlight of Lincoln Lab’s jubilee celebration. Tim succeeded admirably at a very difficult task- capturing the spirit and the culture of a highly diverse and deeply technical organization as it had evolved over its first 50 years. Tim worked tirelessly to extract, from a mound of information, the many significant accomplishments of the Laboratory and to present them in a balanced and exciting video. The finished product reflects Tim’s good judgment and professionalism; it was readily comprehensible to a lay audience and gratifying to the Lab’s highly sophisticated staff. Tim, with his optimism and natural good cheer, was a pleasure to work with."

Netty Vanderpol and Maurice Vanderpol, MD
Advisors and Historical Consultants, “Secret Courage, The Walter Suskind Story”

"We found Tim and Karen to be sensitive to difficult and complex information for a film production. They were very professional and inspired us with a sense of reliability."

Robbie Levy
Daughter of German Holocaust Survivor, Wellesley, MA

"Your film is absolutely brilliant and important! You managed to weave a story that provided wonder and grace to that time of horror. Somehow I left feeling that all of the Dutch survivors are my family. You created a bloodline through the film. May you continue to impact others as you have impacted me."