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De Uitkijk Theater, site of the Dutch Premiere Party on February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch premiere event was held at de Uitkijk Theater on the Prisengracht in Amsterdam. Fifteen of the film participants and 135 guests filled the theater for the 1:00 PM screening. Piet Meerburg welcomed the audience and Tim Morse introduced the film.

After the screening, the guests walked a few blocks to de Balie Cultural Center for a reception with Dutch cakes and coffee. Although all of the VIP guests were part of the same story, many of them had never met, so the reception was filled with introductions as well as renewed friendships.

The film was warmly received and many of the guests expressed heartfelt thanks to the Production Team for having completed the project and preserved this important story. Some of the most emotional comments came from the children and grandchildren of the survivors, many of whom had learned important details about their parents for the first time.

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Walter Suskind
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    To order Dutch treats online, leave our site and go to www.allthingsdutch.com.
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Walter Suskind
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