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Our initial funding goal of $125,00 for film production was realized in the spring of 2008. Our on-going fundraising campaign has a current goal of $40,000 for completion and distribution of the Film and Study Guide to 250 Holocaust Study Centers across the U.S. and to educators who teach the lessons of the Holocaust in their classrooms.

Donations will be gratefully received.

Checks should be made payable to: Suskind Film Project and mailed to Karen & Tim at the address below.

Thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of the Citi Center (formerly the Wang Center) for the Performing Arts, all donations are tax deductible.

If you can provide us with leads to foundations or other funding sources, we are happy to provide information packets, demo DVDs, and financial details on request.

Additional financial information can be found on the Funding Request page.

Tim & Karen Morse for the The Suskind Film Production Team
M&M Films ~ 18 Peebles Way ~ Marlborough MA 01752
508-481-7200 (office) 978-369-8036 (cell)


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