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“I have seen hundreds of Holocaust films and this is one of the great ones. It triumphs because there is no triumph – the children and their honesty take over the film.”
Larry Langer, Holocaust Historian
Boston, March 2006
“I felt impelled to write you a personal note. The film tore my heart out and it is truly a ‘labor of love’. I sincerely hope this film is widely distributed because you have created something soul stirring.”
Charlotte Suskind, wife of Bernie Suskind
(Walter’s cousin)
Massapequa NY, October 2005
“How thankful and grateful I am that my son and I could see that film. It was so simply told so you could feel all the pain (that was) caused and it was real. You can be proud of that film.”
Mieke Benninga, Survivor
Amsterdam, February 2006
“This is a powerful piece. It certainly touched me time and again. The story gives an important option to the “sheep to the slaughter” image of the Jews of Europe of that time and to the sense, propagated by Schindler’s List, that no Jews saved each other. As a person concerned with these things, I thank you.”
Jeremy Goren, Film Critic
Vail Colorado , January 2006
“Many times the scale of the horrors is so overwhelming that one can’t really imagine. Your story is told on such a personal and non-over-dramatized level that it is possible to connect more personally with the time and place.”
A. Nicholas Morse, M.D.
Worcester MA, September 2005
“It was very moving to see other people who had participated with my mother in the rescue of children, or who had been those children themselves. We in the family, who know the story so well, all appreciated the straightforwardness of the film. There was little editorializing or commentary…and that made it all the more heartrending.”
Rita Goldberg Hart, daughter of crèche nurse Hilde Goldberg
Lexington MA, October 2005
“Your film is absolutely brilliant and beautiful and important! You managed to weave a story that provided wonder and grace to that time of horror. Somehow I left feeling that all of the Dutch survivors are my family. You created a blood line through the film.
May you continue to impact others as you have impacted me.”
Robbie Levy, daughter of German Holocaust Survivor
Wellesley MA, September 2005
“Thank you! The film was so well done. It clearly and sensitively explained a piece of Dutch Holocaust history that I, and apparently most others, have had no knowledge of.”
Liz Micheels, daughter of Dutch Holocaust Survivors
Newton MA, October 2005
“What a rivoting and emotional film. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. We need to be reminded of how precious life really is.”
Joyce Speaker, cousin of Dutch Holocaust Survivors
Barrington RI, September 2005
“The documentary is as timely today as at any time in history. Thank you.”
Richard Brown
West Newton MA, September 2005
“Thank you for sharing with us your incredibly powerful and poignant film. I felt as though I was in the creche experiencing the sounds, smells and fear. The vision of the mother crawling on her hands and knees to peer out over the window was another vivid image I will not soon forget.
Best of luck as you present this piece of art to the rest of the world.”
Kevin Sargis, attorney
Lexington MA, September 2005
“The movie moved me in ways I could not imagine. I was back (in Amsterdam) with my mother, trying to understand the cruel irony of “second life”. I was very aware of my Jewish heritage – its blessings and its beauty, but also its curse. Thank-you for making such a monumental testimony to life, to Judiasm, and to the courage of ordinary people - and for the message you send to the world.”
Rudie Lion, son of saved child Helen Lion
Arlington MA, September 2005
“One must come to the realization of how fragile life is. There is no question that these
stories must be kept alive.”
Mel Rubin
Chestnut Hill MA, September 2005
“(The film) showed an entire new side of the Holocaust which I personally never knew about. It really did show the courage that citizens had; it allowed you to see people’s inner heroism.”
Anonymous Student
Babson College, October 2005
“We hope that the movie will be shown again and again so others can hear this amazing story.”
Ingrid and Doug Detweiler
Concord MA, September 2005
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